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Myriad USA
(Formerly King Baudouin Foundation United States)

Myriad USA provides donors with a simple and efficient platform to support nonprofit initiatives overseas, anywhere across the globe. Myriad USA brings together the expertise and networks of the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) and Give2Asia, and builds on their shared history, their shared belief that local knowledge counts, and their shared objective of improving the lives of people around the world.

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Google for Nonprofits  

Google's mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google for Nonprofits aims to tackle big challenges with Google's technology to boost collaboration, productivity, and efficiency whilst committing to significantly improving the lives of as many people as possible. Leading the transition to a more sustainable future through information and innovation Google has a unique opportunity to empower individuals, organizations, and governments with the data and tools they need to drive positive action for the people and our planet.


The Planetary Press

The Planetary Press is an online news source focused on reporting on sustainability, environmental advocacy, corporate social responsibility, and climate change. It is a platform for people to share their work. It is a place for organizations, cities, governments, companies, journalists, and individuals to share the good that they’re doing and the impact that they’re having. TPP highlights sustainable solutions around the globe that inspire others to make a measurable difference. TPP's mission is to empower people with the knowledge of sustainability stories and solutions from around the globe and inspire them to catalyze change.

Kate Baker

Kate Baker is a trained architect. She qualified from Kingston University, UK, and worked in London as an architect for many years. Kate moved to Cambridge and combined running a practice with teaching at the University. She later moved to Southampton and worked full-time as a principal lecturer at the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture.

She is currently writing a series of essays on what we mean by a ‘sense of place’, liminal space in architecture, and social and environmental effects on house design.
Her specialism is the close connection between landscape and architecture. In her book ‘Captured Landscape’ she discusses many aspects of this relationship.

From 2002 to 2007, he did his training to become a medical specialist in infectious diseases. In the St. Antonius hospital, where he worked as a medical microbiologist since 2007, he did part of his training. In 2006 he obtained a Ph.D. in his research on severe invasive streptococcal infections. He has trained residents to become medical microbiologists since 2015, and he is now head of the department of medical microbiology and immunology of the St. Antonius hospital. He lives with Leonie Seebgregts, and they have one daughter and three sons.

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Charity Navigator Myriad USA
EIN: 58-2277856

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Friends of The Amaranthine Foundation Fund in the USA
Myriad USA
(Formerly King Baudouin Foundation United States)

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