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Our name is rooted in the Greek word amarantos, meaning "immortal" or 
"unfading," and amarantus, the Latin name of a flower. The word amaranthine emerged as an adjective for the imaginary flower and subsequently of anything possessing its undying quality.

"Unfading" is a synonym for "unwavering," which in turn is —as opposed to "immortality"— connected to an emotion or an attitude instead of a state of being. “An unwavering optimism and an unfading devotion to our planet,” for example, refers to a powerful emotional bond that is unlikely to change.

Our logo is strongly connected to — and built upon the belief in mother nature's power, ingenuity, and resilience. To emphasize its feminine qualities of inclusion, sincere connection, and nourishment —without compromising on outspokenness and boldness— we chose a primary typeface that reflects a bold elegance. It creates a sense of natural softness & expressiveness. It’s a font that allows us to grow and thrive. We slightly altered the font to emphasize the foundations’ connection to nature. It now also emphasizes the unwavering devotion to overcome all obstacles — albeit humanity or any other disaster.

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